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ECS News

15.03. – Take a selfie at our booth for a chance to win an Amazon Echo
Visiting us next week at our ECS booth?
Grab a selfie with yourself and the Synthomer logo at our ECS booth, post it to LinkedIn and stand a chance to win one of three Amazon Echo smart speakers.
Post the selfie to LinkedIn, including the hashtag #SynthomerAtECS to be eligible to enter.

Winners will be chosen randomly and announced on our LinkedIn page, so make sure to follow us: The full terms & conditions to the raffle can be found under:
08.03. – Synthomer Presentation Schedule for ECS Now Online
Synthomer will be at ECS with a total of five presentations to highlight our latest innovations across various applications.
Topic Speaker Time and Location
Revacryl UltraGreen™ 1876 - Next generation styrene-acrylic for biocide-free paints Thomas Bernhofer, Technical Manager Coatings March 19, 11:10 AM
Hall 1, Stand no. 1-131
Formulation of high performance pressure sensitive adhesives Dr. Katja Greiner, Head of Technical Service Adhesives March 19, 10:30 AM
Hall 4, Stand no. 4-214
Revacryl™ L 8761 – Solvent free styrene-acrylic dispersion for high performance paste tile adhesives (EN12004-D2) Jean Luc Montanari, Technical Manager Construction March 20, 4:10 PM
Hall 4, Stand no. 4-214
Polymer modified bitumen emulsions for high performance waterproofing membranes Thomas Fachinger, Technical Manager Construction March 21, 10:10 AM
Hall 1, Stand no. 1-131
Waterborne anti-corrosion dispersion for ferrous and non-ferrous metal substrates Dirk Sühling, Technical Manager Coatings March 21, 10:50 AM
Hall 1, Stand no. 1-131

22.01. – Meet the Experts at ECS 2019
With its continuous efforts in research and development, Synthomer is returning to this year’s European Coatings Show with five technical presentations introducing new products for the coatings, construction & adhesives industries:
1. Revacryl UG 1876 - Next generation styrene-acrylic for biocide-free paints (by Thomas Bernhofer)

Paint manufacturers are continuously searching for improvement to fulfil higher market requirements and tightening regulation standards. Paint made of low MFFT binder tends to exhibit a lower wet scrub resistance and limits the pigment loading. To overcome the problem, improvements in water resistance, wet abrasion resistance, pigment binding capability and adhesion to masonry substrate are needed. Increased demand of biocide-free wall paints using the high pH approach (e.g. pH 11.4) requires improved alkali resistance and silicate compatibility.
Revacryl UG 1876 as a newly developed dispersion shows very low water uptake with significantly improved wet abrasion resistance to achieve EN 13300 - Class 1 and improved pigment binding capability. The binder is highly stable with potassium hydroxide and water glass at pH 11.4.

2. Waterborne anti-corrosion dispersion for ferrous and non-ferrous metal substrates (by Dirk Sühling)

Synthomer is proud to present a newly developed styrene acrylic dispersion with very good adhesion to different substrates like aluminium alloys and galvanized steel with excellent salt-spray resistance. Outstanding early water resistance and non-blushing are also key characteristics of this binder.
Development of such polymers combines the usage of various polymerization techniques, functional monomers and special surfactants. Synthomer’s experience and drive to explore new designs enables researchers to optimize a binder for better adhesion on non-iron substrates, improving the anti-corrosion effect. The broad range of testing capabilities provides Synthomer with the ability to develop high performing dispersions for any given application.

3. Polymer modified bitumen emulsions for high performance waterproofing membranes (by Thomas Fachinger)

Synthomer is a leading manufacturer of aqueous polymers and offers a wide range of product for the modification of anionic bitumen emulsions for waterproofing systems, among others. Synthomer can develop and supply materials based on different chemistries, showing a wide range of properties. Synthomer always strives for continuous improvement of its existing products, equipping them the newest technologies, in order to serve its customers.
This presentation will highlight the various polymer technologies Synthomer offers to enhance the performance of bitumen emulsion, and allows a glimpse into our latest product development.

4. Revacryl L 8761 – Solvent free styrene-acrylic dispersion for high performance paste tile adhesives (EN12004-D2) (by Jean Luc Montanari)

Historically, tile adhesives based on non-cementitious pasty systems have always represented an attractive market segment. Mainly used by non-professionals, these DIY products are ready-to-use liquid formulations based on water-borne polymer dispersion, inorganic fillers and chemical additives.
Synthomer is launching a new generation of low MFFT dispersion, Revacryl L 8761, which is:
  • suitable for all types of formulations, based both on silica or calcium carbonate
  • showing outstanding adhesion to diverse types of substrates
  • not requiring the use of any coalescing agent
This presentation will demonstrate the outstanding performance of the product, which is in compliance with the EN12004-D2 standard.

5. Formulation of high performance pressure sensitive adhesives (by Dr. Katja Greiner)

Conventional emulsion acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) usually faces limitations either in reaching high temperature resistance or in achieving high peel adhesion levels, particularly on low surface energy substrates. These limitations currently inhibit the wider use of water-based pressure sensitive adhesives in high performance applications such as tapes for high temperature or permanent bonding applications. The combination of conventional emulsion polymer technology using special functional monomers and advanced blending technology can help to overcome these limitations.

In the presentation, we will explain our innovative approach in developing the new generation in water-based acrylics for PSA as potential alternative technology to solvent based products.
Be sure to attend these technical presentations and visit our booth (Hall 7, booth 344) to speak with our experts and learn about the full range of technical solutions we offer.
07.11. – Synthomer presents its emulsion acrylic pressure sensitive adhesives for specialty applications at Munich Adhesives & Finishing Symposium
At the 43rd Munich Adhesives & Finishing Symposium (MKVS), technologists and technical sales representatives from industry and science the globe gathered to debate on development trends, new raw materials, and important applications in the field of adhesives. On the occasion of this year’s main focus on pressure sensitive adhesives, Synthomer gave an insight into Synthomer’s proficiency on water-borne pressure sensitive adhesives (PSAs) for high-performance applications.
Dr. Katja Greiner’s technical presentation detailed how Synthomer enhances special functional monomers with intricate modification to achieve exceptional adhesion and cohesion formerly only known from industry-leading tapes with UV acrylic syrup technology. With a look behind the technology of our renowned Plextol grades, Synthomer successfully placed products like the new Plextol Prime™ 7525 or Plextol A 4278 at the center of attention for specialty applications such as construction and insulation tape.

For more information on Synthomer’s PSAs and how they can help you reach your goals in high-performance specialty tapes, contact and talk to one of our technical experts:
Get in touch with our Adhesives Technical Service.
17.10. – Synthomer discusses high performance RDP technology for 1k waterproofing cementitious materials
On October 4th, industry professionals and scientists gathered in Istanbul, Turkey to share current trends in the drymix mortar industry during the Sixth Central & South European Drymix Mortar Conference. From Synthomer, Dr. Charles Bobichon was invited for a technical presentation of a new development study on redispersible polymer (RDP) powder for one-component waterproofing application.
In recent years, the market has been actively searching for a one-component waterproofing system as a replacement to the more conventional two-component system, thanks to its increased ease of handling and less waste during usage. Based on an innovative redispersing system with styrene acrylic chemistry, Synthomer’s novel RDP technology is targeted at achieving excellent redispersibility in water and at attaining a performance that passes the challenging benchmarks of the DIN standard EN 14891.

For more information on Synthomer’s RDPs and how they can help you reach your waterproofing requirements, contact and talk to one of our technical experts:
Get in touch with our Adhesives Technical Service.


Exhibition Booth
Synthomer is presenting a brand new exhibition booth concept and design at the ECS. Booth gallery
About Synthomer
Speciality demand requires speciality solutions. This simple philosophy drives us to develop and deliver high performing water-based binders that are more environmentally friendly and sustainable in every aspect.
Our expertise and extensive experience has led to us becoming a top three producer in the aqueous dispersions market. As raw materials, our products are used to enhance the performance of a great deal of different material and application areas.

Our driving force is a dedication to providing you with the smart products that meet your demand and the highest level of service. We work closely with both existing and potential customers to ensure we understand their needs and are able to surpass product and service expectations.

We possess an experienced team of technical service chemists with the necessary expertise to provide innovative solutions for any application.