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More opportunities for waterproofing

Synthomer is a specialist supplier of water based binders used in waterproofing products. We have introduced a range of XSBR, HS-SBR and acrylic dispersions to cover the various technologies applied in the waterproofing industry such as flexible concrete, bitumen and liquid applied membranes (LAM). [>>]

Liquid applied membranes essential to modern building construction

Especially liquid-applied membranes (LAM), also known as ´damp proof’ membranes´ (DPM), have become increasingly important in new building construction and the renovation of older ones. Formulated as a ready to use compound that provides seamless protection of moisture sensitive substrates, well balanced mechanical properties, high flexibility, good crack bridging properties and low water vapour permeability are key properties predominantly influenced by our binders.

Our Lipaton SB 47B40 for thick layer coatings has been and still is an industry standard for many years. Increasing demands for binders that meet the most stringent workplace health requirements resulted in the development of the new Lipaton SB 60B11, a low VOC and low odour XSBR binder offering even better adhesion and elasticity.

Synthomer binders for cementitious waterproofing systems

Cementitious water proofing systems are used to protect mineral based substrates for interior and exterior applications, for example water reservoirs, swimming pools and balconies. Our dispersions build a polymer matrix in the membrane to form a very dense, elastomeric layer against liquids after curing. The cementitious waterproofing membrane maintains its flexibility under permanent immersion in water and when exposed to a wide variety of weather conditions. Plextol D 324 is one of our latest binders developed for applications requiring very good low temperature flexibility. Synthomer offers a broad range of dispersions used in 2 pack (2K), cementitious waterproofing systems based on XSBR (Lipaton), styrene acylic (Revacryl) or pure acrylic (Plextol) dispersions which can be tailored to meet different requirements.

Product Features

•  Comprehensive product range for liquid applied and cementitious waterproofing systems

•  Formaldehyde and APEO-free

•  Excellent durability

•  Products for interior and exterior applications


Product Overview

Revacryl R 387
Styrene Acrylic dispersion for cementitious waterproofing membranes

Revacryl AE 2091
Styrene Acrylic dispersion for cementitious waterproofing membranes with long pot-life at high temperatures.

Plextol D 324
Acrylic binder for cementitious waterproofing membranes with good low temperature flexibility.

Plextol D 5241 
Acrylic binder for cementitious waterproofing membranes with excellent low temperature flexibility

Revacryl AE 3020 
Silanised Styrene Acrylic for liquid applied membranes

Lipaton SB  47B40/60B11 
binder for low odour and ETAG approved 1 pack coatings