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Emultex FR dispersions meeting the latest requirements for WB Intumescent Coatings

As a legacy, Synthomer is the leading supplier of vinyl acetate copolymer dispersions for WB thin film intumescent coatings. While growth continues as the market becomes more global, the demand for better performing water borne products capable of replacing solvent borne systems is driving the development efforts. [>>]
Intumescent paints based on Synthomer binders increase the fire protection time of structural steel up to 60 or 120 minutes.

Emultex FR 797 ensures up to 120 minutes fire protection time

Emultex FR 797 is designed to produce a stable, insulating foam at high temperatures for the protection of steel structures for up to 120 minutes. It features good water resistance and high film flexibility. Under heat exposure it demonstrates a slow build of a very compact foam which is key to the extended protection time.

Flame Retardant Synergists to reduce fire spread and smoke evolution

William Blythe is the inorganic specialty chemical company of Synthomer and it offers inorganic flame-retardant synergists that combine a char hardening and strength capability to intumescent coatings, being able meet the most demanding fire tests in building & construction, Oil & Gas and Mining industry. In combination with phosphate and metal hydrate-based flame retardants, William Blythe’s synergists are used to reduce rate of fire spread and suppress smoke evolution through improved char formation.

Product Features

•  Water based binders for intumescent coatings and sealants

•  Excellent foam development and stabilization

•  Tailor-made for different levels of protection

•  Good water resistance

•  Smoke suppression

•  Reduction of flame spread

Product Overview

Emultex FR 728
Newly developed APEO free polymer replacing market standard Emultex 523 suitable for 30 – 60 minutes performance

Emultex FR 797
Slow developing compact foam. - Good water resistance and high film flexibility. - For protection time up to 120 minutes.

Flamtard H
Zinc hydroxy stannate that is stable up to 220°C, upon which it starts to liberate water. It is an environmentally non-hazardous chemical.