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Extensive range of products for ceramic tiles adhesives

Polymer, in aqueous or redispersable powder form, is commonly added to a cement admixture especially ceramic tiles adhesives (CTA) to improve the product overall performances such as adhesion (on porous or non-porous substrate), flexural strength, improved durability of the final material, reduced water uptake, increased resistance to chemical attacks. [>>]
Synthomer now offers not only a wide range of polymer dispersions but also a range of high performance redispersable powders to the CTA industry. These redispersible powders are not just Vinyl Acetate Veova base but also styrene-butadiene base which provide high hydrolysis resistance, low water uptake, fast re-dispersibility and excellent adhesion even under wet condition. Polymer dispersions on the other hand are commonly used in high performance paste CTA (also known as Mastic) where ready-to-use is one of the key advantages. Our Revacryl AE 4522 is designed to provide excellent adhesion under wet condition, very good water resistance and workability that fulfils the standard EN 12004-D2. Due to its lower MFFT / Tg Revacryl AE 3737 is designed for the use in coalescent free, low odour D 2 tile adhesives.

Product Features


• High adhesion performances and mainly high shear adhesion strength under wet conditions
• Formaldehyde and APEO free
• Tile adhesives recommended for wet rooms (bathrooms / kitchens) 


Redispersible powder

• High adhesion with exceptional high adhesion under wet conditioning
• Low water uptake
• High flexibility
• High hydrolysis resistance with Acetate-VeoVa, and a total hydrolysis resistance with styrene-butadiene technology
• Emicode EC1+

Product Overview

Revacryl AE 4522
Silane modified Styrene Acrylic dispersion for D2 paste CTA

Revacryl AE 3737
Silane modified, ammonia free Styrene Acrylic dispersion for coalescent free
D 2 tile paste tile adhesives

Axilat HP 8510
Universal redispersible powder with good adhesion for C1 and C2 CTA drymixes

Axilat HP 8530
Universal redispersible powder with increased wet adhesion and transverse deformation (S1 and S2 mortar)

Axilat PSB 150
Styrene-butadiene redispersible powder with exceptional high binder powder and hydrolysis resistance