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BEPD - Your glycol of choice for high performance polyester resins

The main use of BEPD is in polyesters, both saturated and unsaturated. BEPD is a branched aliphatic diol with primary OH groups. Common application areas include [>>]
• Liquid polyesters for can and coil coating
• Liquid polyesters for OEM/ refinish automotive and industrial
• Polyester powder coatings
• Wood and Industrial Flooring
• Unsaturated polyesters, especially gel coats
• Polyurethanes for CASE (coatings, adhesives, sealants & elastomers)
• Short oil alkyds, both solvent- and waterborne
• Polyester polyols for diverse applications (e.g. artificial leather, shoe soles, etc)
• UV curing resins

Product Features

• Reduces crystallinity and brittleness

• Improves flexibility

• Improved yellowing resistance and gloss retention in both unsaturated and saturated polyesters

• Improves the hydrolytic stability (water resistance)

• Lowers viscosity of the ester and improves solubility less solvent is required and hence reduces the VOC

Product Overview


A blend of BEPD (70%), Neopentyl glycol (25%) and water (5%) – liquid at room temperature