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Binders for high performance, environmentally-responsible wood coatings

Driven by legislations and customer expectations, wood coatings industry is moving towards converting solvent borne technologies to water borne constantly. Water borne systems are being continuously developed and improved in performance to match the expectations of the industry. [>>]
Most water borne products still struggle to deliver high gloss, wood warming and chemical resistance compared to solvent borne systems. Synthomer offers an extended product range of water-borne, environmentally friendly dispersions for interior and exterior wood coatings which are low VOC, APEO-and-formaldehyde-free. These dispersions deliver hardness, gloss, wood warming and chemical resistance performances that would satisfy the expectations of the wood coatings industry.

Product Features

• Proprietary Homogenous and core-shell technology

• Good substrate penetration 

• Excellent durability

• Outstanding wood warming

• Formaldehyde and APEO-free

Product Overview

Plextol W 1078
Parquet and furniture varnishes with high hardness and scratch resistance 

Plextol R 825
Water based gloss lacquers with excellent blocking resistance

Plextol R 5335
Long lasting outdoor wood stains 

Plextol A 6474
Translucents with good blocking resistance and low VOC

Plextol UF LS 5000
Impregnants with very good penetration properties and excellent in-can clarity