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Environmentally friendly binders for anti-corrosion coatings

Metal corrosion creates damages reaching to several billion USD every year. To maintain the aesthetical and functional value of metal surfaces, Synthomer offers a dedicated product range for long lasting protection. Furthermore these waterborne binders are environmentally friendly - low VOC content and being free of hazardous components like APEO and formaldehyde [>>]
Synthomer binders for anti-corrosion coatings are specially designed to perform at ambient or slightly increased temperatures. Most common use for these binders is steel frame construction (e.g. power pylons) or ACE (agriculture, construction and earth moving equipment). With Synthomer binders it is possible to fulfil anti-corrosion expectations according to EN 12944-2 C 3-C 4, medium protection level (5 – 15 Y). During ECS, Synthomer will demonstrate this well performing product range and highlight new developments.

Product Features

•  APEO- and formaldehyde free

•  Free of plasticizers and coalescents

•  Special surfactants for proper wetting and adhesion on metal substrates

•  Hydrophobicity

•  Excellent performance in salt-spray resistance


Product Overview

Plextol R 5530 – Versatile Veocryl technology
Ambient temperature self-crosslinking VeoVa-Acrylic binder for anti-corrosion or DTM (Direct-To-Metal) coatings. 

Lipaton SB 5521 – Elastic multi-talent
Styrene-butadiene latex for anti-corrosive primers and stone-ship protection for car underbody.

Revacryl AE 6030 – Specialist in metal adhesion
Styrene-acrylic dispersion for primers with excellent anti-corrosive properties and adhesion to galvanized steel.

Revacryl UG 1528 – dispersion with excellent multi-substrate adhesion
A newly developed dispersion with excellent adhesion on various substrates like aluminium alloys and galvanized steel, showing high salt-spray resistance, outstanding early water resistance and non-blushing